The Council

About the Council

Vigo Parish Council is made up of nine Councillors who live locally. They are voted into their posts by the electorate of the Parish, or co-opted, to form a Council that endeavours to make decisions in the interests of the local community. Councillors are not paid but volunteer their time to serve our village. Parish Council meetings are open to the public and the minutes which record discussions and decisions are posted onto the Council's website. You can also ask for a copy from the Parish Office.

What we do

The Parish Council owns and maintains the Community Land in Vigo, including the Village Green and grassed areas as well as many thousands of trees, the Ball Park and the Children's Play Park.


The Parish Council is also tasked with maintaining and enforcing the covenants that are in place to protect the interests of everyone in Vigo.

Vigo Parish Council must ensure that all of its responsibilities are carried out properly and completed within budget. In addition it must keep abreast with changes and plans from District, County and National statutory bodies, such as Gravesham Borough Council, Kent County Council, Kent Police and National Government.

How we pay for the work we carry out

The Parish Council receives a "Precept"; this is the money it needs to ensure it is able to carry out its responsibilities for the year. The Parish Council calculates how much money will be required. This is collected by Gravesham Borough Council as part of your Council Tax and then passed on to the Parish Council.